Introducing the Keb Range  

Keb Combivert F4-C

The KEB versatile frequency inverter in the power ranges  of 0.75...315kW

User friendly handling via the CP front and menu as well as the application menu for more demanding requirements:

  • Accel/decel curves
  • DC injection braking
  • Speed search/flying start
  • LAD stop
  • Autoboost/sensorless Vector Control
  • Voltage stabilisation
  • Slip compensation
  • Preset speeds
  • Integrated timer
  • Hardware current control
  • Pl-control
  • Power-off function
  • Closed loop speed control
    The following communication protocols are supported:
    • InterBus and InterBus Loop
    • Profibus DP
    • CAN
    • LON
    • DIN66019

KEB Drives

Keb Combivert


KEB's combination of digital, pre programmed servo amplifier, dynamically optimised synchronous motor with NdFeB -magnets, resolver- , Sin. Cos or multi turn SSi encoder and pre assembled connecting technique for continuous standstill torque in the range of 

0.3 ... 70Nm

Easy operation with the CP basic menu comprising only 24 parameters for the essential adjustments of ramp, speed, torque, regulator setting P  and I part and conditions for outputs and jog - speed.

The display of status, actual speed and motor current gives clear information.

The extensive functionality of the system is fully accessible in the password protected application level with 8 parameter sets and features to use in tasks like synchronous control, register functions, single-axis positioning. Free-to-program digital and analog in- and outputs shift the PLC-tasks into the drive.

KEB Motor and Drive Controller

Plug in operator modules for operating, display and serial interfaces provide maximum flexibility for the adaptation to individual requirements.


The KEB COMBIVERT servo system is capable of operating as a "stand alone" positioning system

The universal drive unit for:
  • Packaging
  • Thermalform machinery
  • Polybag machinery
  • Electronic cam-operated switches
  • Pick and place systems
  • Feed or cut to length

  • Rotary tool changers
  • Extruder and worm drives
  • Automatic assembly machinery
KEB Universal Drive Unit
KEB S4 Positioning system features:

KEB Combistop


KEB COMBISTOP is an electromagnetic-actuated dual-surface spring-applied brake for dry operation. The braking force is applied by the springs and neutralised through the electromagnetic force.

KEB spring-applied brakes are successfully working in the most demanding applications and are used wherever rotating masses must be stopped or shafts must be help in a precise position.

High material quality together with machining accuracy of modern machines and the uncompromising process inspections and functional tests guarantee reliability and safety.

On request we adapt KEB COMBISTOP to your structural and electric requirements. For more information please contact our specialists.

KEB CombiStop Electric Brake

KEB Combinorm


KEB COMBINORM are electromagnetic-actuated clutches and brakes without sliprings.

This catalogue introduces finely differentiated series of single-face clutches and brakes and tooth clutches in varying designs.

The products are manufactured and tested according to DIN VDE 0580

Operation voltage 24 V DC, other voltages upon request.

If requested we adjust the KEB COMBINORM to your structural and electrical demands. Please contact our internal and external sales experts.

KEB Brakes and Clutches

KEB Combibox

The KEB COMBIBOX field of application is immense, wherever machine parts are to be started and stopped quickly and efficiently. The benefit over other systems is that the input side can be run continuously. The start/stop is performed by the COMBIBOX, therefore, considerably reducing power consumption.

This COMBIBOX Catalogue describes the operation modes and details the various mounting designs that can be achieved using the modular principle. In many cases, a tailor-made solution could optimally fulfil your requirement.

Complete drives incorporating motor, COMBIBOX, and helical or worm (COMBIGEAR) gearbox can be supplied. Please ask for the catalogue KEB COMBIGEAR.

KEB Combibox

KEB Combiperm

KEB COMBIPERM  are permanent magnet brakes and clutches for dry operation.

This catalogue contains the standard single disc brake of series P1.

On request we adapt KEB COMBIPERM to your structural and electric requirements. Contact our specialist in the office or in the field, or refer to our contact page to have one of our specialists contact you.

KEB Combiperm Brake